Are online courses suitable for all areas assessed by the RBQ?

No matter what field you want to work in, learning always comes through theory and practice, which also applies to our online RBQ courses. If acquiring theoretical knowledge does not present any particular difficulty in online training, the practical part requires a scenario that one is tempted to believe cannot be achieved remotely. Is this really the reality?


The two aspects of skill learning


The training is always done in two stages, namely the theoretical acquisition of know-how and technical learning through practical exercises.


The transmission of technical knowledge, even through online courses, is done in a fairly traditional way. The trainer uses different types of media to give learners a summary of his course, which he then supports with his explanations to facilitate understanding.


Beyond the obvious application of theory, practical skills are above all the first steps in a job and it is therefore important that they reflect the reality of the tasks to be performed. This can result in the analysis of the situation or of company documents in the field of construction.

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