If you think online RBQ courses aren't for you, think again! At Formation Construction, online training is aimed at all profiles. Discover our teaching method adaptable to all and which will convince you of the fact that you too can return to the path of study to undertake your professional project.


Online RBQ training for all profiles

RBQ online training meets all learner profiles. Whether you are a simple student, an employee, a retraining worker, a man, a woman, you can take online courses. Especially since at Formation Construction online training adapts to your level, whether you are a graduate or not.


Originally, online training was developed to meet the skills and preparatory training needs of future entrepreneurs geographically far from the main urban centers. Today, it also responds to those of people wishing to prepare for the RBQ exams but unable to do so because of various personal or professional constraints.


With this in mind, if we try to define the typical profile of a person suitable for taking an RBQ training course online, we simply will not succeed and for good reason: everyone is suitable for taking our courses from moment she has the motivation for. Online RBQ training is simply intended for people who want to realize their professional project, evolve in their work or simply change it.


A teaching method suitable for all

At Formation Construction, we support you throughout your journey. Of course, you will study your lessons alone, but this will be done at your own pace and you will always be surrounded by an educational team who will assist you in carrying out your project. Your trainers will be on hand to answer your questions and answer your every need, giving you clarification and support if needed.


Whether you are young or old, with or without diplomas, our teaching method has been designed so that you assimilate the skills assessed by the RBQ gradually, at your own pace.


The transmission of know-how takes place in such a way that you acquire lasting knowledge that you will then consolidate through the various exercises, quizzes and formative exams integrated into the courses.


This entire process is adapted to your personal or professional obligations, while respecting your learning pace and your specific needs.

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