At what time of the day can I request study support?

You benefit from the collaboration of trainers and qualified professionals in each field throughout your study, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You ask your questions in writing via the interface of your course or by telephone.

You also benefit from personalized one-on-one assistance with the trainers.

The number of support requests is unlimited. You are alone with a professional in the field concerned who will adapt his time for you.
The goal is for you to be well prepared.


In particular, we will spend time with you, explaining the Quebec Construction Code and how to search it. You must master the Code, since your fourth exam covers subjects from the Code and it will be on the table the day of your exam at the RBQ.

No additional costs for the various educational assistance services or individual personalized assistance.


All these services are included in the amount of your training.

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