What are the consequences of failing the RBQ exams?

In case of failure


From the receipt of your confirmation of failure, you have 30 days to request a retake of the exam.


Your request must be accompanied by payment for the total amount of the exam(s) to be retaken.


Link: See prices


The RBQ will contact you to inform you of the date on which the new exam session will take place.


If you fail a supplemental exam, you cannot be re-admitted to that exam until 6 months after the date of the decision to fail.


If you fail an exam, contact us immediately.

Our trainers will give you additional assistance to make your recovery a success! Also, be sure to redo the exam simulations until you get results above 80%.



Obviously your access to training remains accessible until you obtain your license. In the event that your access to training expires before your recovery, we will be happy to extend your access free of charge.

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