How do you determine which license you need?

In Quebec, if you carry out construction work or have it carried out, you must hold a licence.


The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) license is issued to persons involved in the management of a construction company. It concerns the right of the company to carry out or have carried out, and therefore to manage, construction work.


To find out which license is required for your future construction or renovation work, consult our “GO License” tool available to you.


Our “GO License” tool helps you:


  • determine the need for a license and the relevant subcategory

  • find out which jobs do not require a license

  • know the exclusions and exemptions to the regulations

  • get the full list of license categories and subcategories


We will also be happy to guide you on the right choice of license at 1 866 626-8055 or at info@formationconstruction.com.

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